New Scientist says that the number of red foxes in urban areas of England appears to have soared almost fivefold since the 1990s.

The rise from an estimated 33,000 in the 1990s to 150,000 today seems to have happened largely because foxes have appeared in new areas, or multiplied in low-density towns.

Personally I don’t see as many foxes around Riverside Drive as I used to a few years ago.

I took these photos of foxes in my back garden in 2011 when there used to be plenty around Promenade Gardens.

Urban foxes can transmit diseases to humans although the two most worrisome of these – rabies and the fox tapeworm – are not present in the UK. More positively, they keep the rat population down and provide a wildlife experience for nature-deprived city dwellers.

Have you seen foxes recently in the area?

Urban Fox