As you may be aware a major sewer collapsed recently in Priory Wood, just
off Riverside Drive. In order for United Utilities to fix the sewer they
need to excavate along the western side of priory wood from the recently dug
shaft down to Riverside Drive. This excavation will be up to ten metres in
depth. Due to the vast amounts of spoil and the size of the plant machinery
used the majority of trees in this area will have to be removed.

As this is an emergency United Utilities are exempt from applying for
consent when cutting down trees to allow repairs to their pipes and other
apparatus. The trees will be removed within the next few days and they will
have the site inspected beforehand by an ecologist to check for nesting

A full replanting scheme is to be submitted to reinstate the site. The stock
size used will be whips with the occasional feathered trees. The species
will be a mixture of Oak, Beech Blackthorn, Hawthorn and Alder. These will
be planted in the area cleared and elsewhere throughout the site to improve
the quality of the woodland.

Tree & Landscape Officer