The City Council has issued a Tree Preservation Order that prohibits anyone from cutting down, topping or lopping any of the trees in the designated area.

The designated area covers the trees starting at Promenade Gardens where Shorefields Village is on one side and Thistledown Close on the other. Continuing round Glendale Close / Orchid Grove and The Bulrushes, at the edge of Ellerman Road. Then round between Riverside Drive and Floral Wood. Also the trees between Floral Wood and Cottonwood.

The preservation order has been issued because

“This site was considered for protection back in 1999 but due to staffing issues at the time it was not made. This woodland is considered to be of great amenity value making a valid contribution to the character of the surrounding area. There have recently been several enquiries made relating to the protected status of these trees. Protecting them with a Tree Preservation Order will insure that they will be managed correctly to ensure their long term retention and health”

The order took effect on 15th Dec 2009 and will continue on a provisional basis for 6 months or until the council confirms it. Objections can be lodged in writing to the council by 13 Jan 2010.