Friends of Liverpool Festival Gardens wrote:

To Langtree, Wpc Associates and Liverpool City Council
Could you please let us know why there has been further tree felling in Priory Wood, again without any warning or cnsultation? As a Conservation Area the Public do have a right to be informed well in advance of any intended treeworks. Notices should have been erected and the Friends group and local resident groups consulted. This has been repeatedly mentioned but is still ignored.
Could you let us know why the treeworks were undertaken, who by and if there is any intention of fulfilling your legal obligation to consult the public in future?
Lucy Page

The reply from the council’s tree officer, Michael Anders.

I am aware of this. As you are probably aware trees which are dangerous
are exempt from the application process and therefore there is no
consultation. This is due to the necessity to make such trees safe
without delay. The agent (Planit) provided sufficient prior notification
that they were planning to take certain trees out, I went out to inspect
these to ensure they were of sufficiently poor condition to warrant
immediate removal.

There are 6 trees to be removed (2 Sycamore, 2 Holly and 2 White
Poplars. Also one Sycamore with an unstable crown is to be reduced to
make it safe.

The replanting is to be carried out on a three for one ratio. The stock
size are to be whips 100 to 125 cm in height as per BS 3936 part 1 1992
(Nursery Stock). The species is to be a combination of Hazel,
Blackthorn, Crab Apple and Oak and is to be planted in any suitable
position within the wood where there is sufficient space for them to
successfully establish. This planting must be carried out before the end
of March 2012.

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