The best place to look for travel information is Mersey Travel’s website.

Welcome to Merseyside is Merseytravels basic guide to Buses, Trains and Ferries. It contains all the phone numbers and website addresses you need.

A detailed guide to public transport in Liverpool dated Oct 2006 by Merseytravel, contains some good maps but is of course not entirely accurate as these things are always changing

Out and About 2007 A guide with ideas for things to do and places to go in Merseyside. This guide is quite a large download (8.2Mbytes)

A superb booklet entitled Rideabout with Merseytravel (file is 3.5Mbytes) contains 5 easy cycle rides from Merseyrail stations including the Liverpool Riverside Route which passes through Riverside Gardens. An older version showing accessible trails published in 2004 may also be of interest.

Walkabout 4 – Green Hearts is a collection of walks inspired by the BBC Radio Merseyside series presented by Ron Freethy. It includes one in the Riverside Drive area

TravelWise is a council partnership campaign to help people on Merseyside make smarter travel choices. The TravelWise website covers Public Transport, Walking, Cycling, Car sharing schemes and more.