***UPDATE 10 Jan 2013***
Looks like they have sorted out the box by the roundabout and now all addresses I checked can get fibre speeds.

The worst speeds are down the end of Promenade gardens where they are estimating 37.1Mbits/sec download. The best are as you would expect at Gardenia Grove with a blistering 80Mbits/sec estimate.
***UPDATE 10 Jan 2013***

BT is upgrading their network by laying fibre optic cables over the current copper lines. They aim to make superfast fibre broadband available to two-thirds of the homes in Britain by 2014.

But how are they progressing around Riverside Drive.

A quick survey on 1 Apr 2012 shows that the following are ready and active
Have a look here to find out more about the roll out in general

Ellerman Road L3 4FF
Alder Way L3 4FX
Beech Avenue L17 7EN
Priory Close L17 7EG
Moel Famau View L17 7ET
Bempton Road L17 5DB
Penhale Close L17 5BT
Rosewarne Close L17 5BX
Kerris Close L17 5BY
Savoylands Close L17 5BR
Calvados Close L17 5DE
Burgundy Close L17 5DD
Claret Close L17 5DF
Hythedale Close L17 5BS
Barchester Drive L17 5BZ
Westbury Close L17 5BD

with the rest on the waiting list. The current expected date for these is was 30 June 2012 but has now been slipped another 3 months to 30 Sep 2012 and guess what, checking again at the start of October they are now saying 31 December 2012.
Very dissapointing. Come on BT get it sorted.

Promenade Gardens L17 7EU
The Bulrushes L17 7EX
Orchid Grove L17 7EY
Floral Wood L17 7HR
Cottonwood L17 7ES
Thistledown Close L17 7ER
Thorntree Close L17 7EP
Westward View L17 7EE
Eastwood L17 7ED
Jasmine Mews L17 7EW
Gardenia Grove L17 7HP
Camelia Court L17 7HW

How does it work

There is a good explanation of the technolgy on the Openreach site

It’s not feasable to replace the whole of the existing copper network with Fibre optic cables so the most likely way you will get your superfast broadband will be via Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). A part-fibre, part-copper solution, capable of delivering download speeds of up to 40Mbit/s and upload speeds of up to 15Mbit/s right away with 80/20 Mbit/s available from Spring 2012.

With FTTC, they overlay fibre on the copper infrastructure running from an exchange to cabinets in the street. Copper will still be the final link (i.e. from the cabinet to your home or business).

Which provider

You don’t have to go with BT though. As usual there are plenty of companies looking for your custom and its not easy to say which is the best. It really depends on your specific circumstances and what you are looking for. As well as broadband you can also get other services like phone and tv through your connection.

Just search for “compare fibre broadband” or something similar to see the many options available.

Virgin Media don’t offer fibre optic cable in the Riverside Drive area

From April 12th, 2012 Sky are introducing Sky Broadband Unlimited Fibre to people who live in a fibre network area. I haven’t checked if Riverside Drive is such an area. If anyone has further information I’d be interested to hear from you.