Riverside Drive is closed to through traffic both ways between Moel Famau View and Beech Avenue. This effectively means Riverside Drive can no longer be used as a through road into and out of the city. The reason for the closure is a burst sewer pipe.
Riverside Drive
A 15ft hole has appeared in Riverside Drive near the entrance to Priory Wood. It was first noticed by a lorry driver at 5am this morning.

Liverpool Council have said the road is likely to be closed for at least a couple of days and have issued a 21 day Emergency Closure notice

The road is blocked coming from town at the roundabout where the festival dome used to be. Its access only to Beech Avenue and Priory Close past here. Access to Moel Famau and beyond would need to be made from the Jericho Lane end. There is no way through to Jericho Lane from the city side of course. Just the long drive back to Sefton Street.
Riverside Drive

Don’t try to find a way through the estate as its pedestrian access only and is a dead end for cars.

Councillor John Coyne alerted residents last week about a subsidence in Priory Wood along the alignment of
Southwood Road. United Utilities were informed at the time. I don’t know if its related but it looks likely.

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