Did you know that many details of properties are now available online. For example sale price, the date sold and the type and age of the property as well as for a small fee official title register documents.

There are two good websites for this. The Land Registry itself and 192.com

To use the Land Registry website simply enter your postcode in their Property Enquiry form. As a postcode covers a number of houses you then choose the house you are interested in from the list displayed and choose the specific document you wish to order.

192.com has many search options. To search for Property Prices go to the Property Price Search page and enter details as required. You only need to enter “L17 7E” in the Post Code box and leave all the others blank to get a full list of properties for the Riverside Gardens area. Then just click on the specific property you are interested in from the list displayed. You will need to scroll down the page to find the results as they are hidden near the bottom. At the very bottom of the page is a useful list of neighbouring property prices. Data is only available from April the 1st 2000.