The 7 week period has seen 331 reports of crime. Amongst these offences we have achieved the following detections
Drugs possession 14
Assault 12
Disorder 4
Criminal Damage 2
Theft 23
Burglary –
Robbery –
Other 2
Total 57

Drugs possession 27
Assault 3
Disorder 13
Criminal Damage 4
Theft 7
Burglary 1
Robbery 4
Other 3
Total 62

This is a 36% detection rate and is 11% above our target and is a great effort. This shows the presence of your Greenbank and St Michaels officers, both in high visibility and plain clothes mode, is having a direct effect on crime.

St Michaels incidents of note


In January 2008. A youth has been arrested for a burglary in Alwyn Street as a result of smart action by the occupiers. Upon returning to their house they suspected a burglary was in progress and immediately called the police. Prompt response resulted in the offender being caught red handed at the rear of the property. This youth remains in custody and I anticipate a lengthy youth sentence.

A second burglary in Allington St has also been detected. This was as a result of thorough investigative work. Forensic recovery at the scene has resulted in a youth being charged with a burglary and robbery of three occupants. Again I anticipate a lengthy sentence.

In total 23 burglaries have been committed in St Michaels since 1st January 2008. Although a single burglary is one too many, I can assure people that they are relatively rare events and we do treat them as a priority. This involves attendance by uniform response staff, a CID and CSI visit and a follow up neighbourhood reassurance visit, including crime alert leaflets to properties in the same location.

KIN ( Key Individual Network) and ‘Your Community Matters’ Ward Priorities

These were the agreed priorities
Parking in the Bus Stop outside Tesco’s and Home and Bargain Aigburth Road L17
A total of 110 fixed penalties have been issued and numerous drivers have been advised. The majority of offenders have been from the local community and only driving short distances to the stores. This enforcement appears to have had an impact upon the location as fewer vehicles are parking unlawfully however we will continue to monitor this with city council traffic enforcement staff.

Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour in the area of Aigburth Rd, Turner Close/Turner
Home/Colebrook Road/Dingle Play Centre
On the 18th February we obtained a Section 30 dispersal order for this area. This location is a hotspot and 3 youths have been issued with ABCs (Acceptable behaviour contracts) which if breached will lead to an ASBO. 3 other youths have been issued with Fixed penalties for disorderly behaviour in this location. Liverpool City council have also given an undertaking to repair and replace the fencing around the Turner home and field.
This location will remain as a priority.

Policing areas which have been identified as having drug activity
14 offences of drug possession have been detected in the area. 2 males are also charged with possessing cannabis with intent to supply in Lark lane. This area continues to be the focus for drug activity and to assist our enforcement efforts I would encourage people to contact your local officers (details below) with information or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Smart Water initiative
SmartWater, the latest high tech solution in fighting crime, has arrived in the Greenbank and St Michaels wards. Merseyside Police through funding obtained via the neighbourhood Renewal fund have obtained sufficient ‘Smartwater’ kits to mark high value property used in schools.
SmartWater is a unique forensic stamp on property that is invisible to the naked eye and may mark people who attempt to steal items with a substance which cannot easily be removed from clothes or skin but which can be identified by the Police.Todate it has a 100% conviction rate.

Speed Indicator Device ( SIDs)
A SID is now deployed at hotspot locations. Its acquisition was obtained through the council, after support from Councillors Allen(s) and Coyne. We have been deploying this along Aigburth Road near to the TA Barracks. The results have identified an average speed of 44mph. We will now be running speed enforcement operations around this area. Anyone have any ideas for future hotspots or locations upon our ward, which would benefit
from the deployment of the SID please, contact CSO Bob Moreton or Julie Worthington on 777 5356.

Greenbank Incidents of note
A total of 15 burglaries have been committed in the Greenbank ward since 1st January 2008. This has maintained our continuing reductions in burglary offences, 13 offences were committed in 2007 after 72 offences were recorded in 2006. This is due to our continuing focus and initiatives such as student survey ( providing personal safety advice to students) and proactive police work such as the recent arrest of 2 males who had committed over 30 burglaries in the area.

A male was arrested and charged with a burglary in Avondale road in February when police attended a report of a burglary in progress. He also assaulted one of my staff, thankfully not seriously. He has been sentenced to 6 moths imprisonment.

KIN ( Key Individual Network) and ‘Your Community Matters’ Ward Priorities
These were the agreed priorities
• Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) caused by students and young persons Students living in three student homes have been warned by Constable Scott Cenci, the dedicated officer, regarding anti-social behaviour, this entailed noisy parties at unsociable hours and street nuisance. So far no students have had to be referred to the Liverpool Anti-Social Behaviour Unit (LASBU).

Currently we have no ASBOs but we have identified a number of individuals for whom we are
gathering evidence but we still need the public’s help to bring to our attention any individual
who would ‘benefit’ from an ASBO or ABC.

In response to reported ASB in and around the Greenbank Park and Penny lane area, with the support of Councillors Clein(s) and Buckley we are submitting a request to the council for a Section 30 Dispersal Order, which will give my staff the power to disperse groups of 2 or more who are acting in an anti-social manner. This should be in place before the end of February 2008 and will be the first in Greenbank ward. This will cover the area bounded by Smithdown Rd, Penny Lane, Greenbank lane and Greenbank Drive to Smithdown Rd.

• Burglary
As mentioned above, a real success story around burglary.

• Vehicle Nuisance in Queens Drive, Croxteth Drive and Greenbank Lane
Between the dates of October and early December there was a low number of reported incidents, mostly Police generated in reference to vehicle crime (stolen vehicles/drink driving). In December the were 4 incidents of vehicle ASB.Since then the number of reported incidents has been low.

A speed enforcement campaign resulted in 7 Endorsable Fixed Penalty Notice for speeding (over 40mph in 30mph zone), 1 Non Endorsable Penalty for No Seat Belt, 63 Warning letters for speeding over 30mph (between 30-40mph) and 4 vehicles seized Suspected Stolen or No Insurance.

A SID ( Speed Indicator Device) has been obtained, its acquisition was obtained through the council, after support from ward councillors. We will be deploying it on Queens Drive and Garmoyle Rd but any other nominated locations will be considered. Please contact Constable Scott Cenci (details below).

tackle underage drinking and drug taking in the park.
Extra patrolling has been undertaken and there has been a low number of incidents. Only one arrest was drug related from 30/10/07 until 30/01/08.

High visibility policing around student halls and residential areas
Funded by the city council and Liverpool University dedicated foot officers have been deployed to the areas surrounding the halls of residence and Smithdown area. This has proved extremely successful with students, residents and the University. Reductions in all crime categories have been recorded.

Other Matters
The Chief Constables Annual Report is available on DVD. This is a departure from the normal format. It is impactive and informative. If anyone requires a viewing please contact local officers who will organise this (details below).

Useful contacts

Greenbank and St Michaels Neighbourhood Inspector

Stuart Quirk Tel 777 5341
St Michaels Greenbank
Dedicated Ward Police Officer: Dedicated Ward Police Officer
Paul Rylands Scott Cenci
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Police Community Support Officers: Police Community Support Officers
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Gaenor Kennedy Tel 777 5354/6
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