Question by resident re St Michaels Station

As I came out of St. Michael’s station this evening there were 49 vehicles parked on the three streets in the immediate vicinity (Southwood, Melly and at the top end of ST. Michael’s Roads). One white van was parked on the opposite side from the row of cars thus obstructing access.
i. What, if anything, is being done to discourage congestion in
these narrow residential streets and to protect pedestrians at
busy times near the station?
ii. There seems to be ample space for caged bike storage
(which seems to work at Steble Street sports centre) and
would encourage people from further afield to use this station
who might otherwise be put off from walking to it, or those
who walk but feel it necessary to get in their cars at the
slightest drop of rain. Has this been proposed/or rejected for
St. Michael’s station in the past? If so, are there restrictions
regarding the conservation area status?

Agreed that the question be referred to the appropriate officers
and a response be submitted to the next meeting.