Minute No. 60 – Planning Applications

Outline application (06O/3442) to erect a mixed use development comprising 1374 no. dwellings (1308 no. apartments and 66 no. townhouses) with supportive ancillary retail (A1), food and drink (A3/A4), offices (B1) and primary care (D1) uses; create new public park comprising the restoration and enhancement of the formal gardens with improvements to the wider landscaped area; create new access roads and pedestrian accesses onto Riverside Drive; carry out improvements to existing highway infrastructure on Riverside Drive; create temporary construction access onto Riverside Drive; layout car park and other associated works; and carry out environmental improvements to Priory Wood.

The Neighbourhood Committee previously expressed concerns over the number of dwellings proposed in the development, requested that an analysis of the Green Travel Plan be carried out and recommended that restrictions be placed on the hours that building works can take place so as to alleviate the disturbance that could be caused to local residents.

The application is yet to be determined.

Question submitted by Vicki Anderson, Aigburth Drive Traffic Congestion in Jericho Lane

Will the committee ensure that the problem of congestion in Jericho Lane in relation to sometimes inconsiderate parking at times when weekend football takes place, is clearly resolved in time for the planning committee to make a judgement on the Garden Festival Site planning application. Could particular reference to the potential extra load on Riverside Drive caused by the new development be considered?


The City Council are well aware of the current situation, discussions have taken place between officers from Traffic Management and Parking Services and further discussions are to be held with officers from Parks and Open Spaces in order to determine a way forward in solving the existing parking problems.
Its worth noting that the development at Festival Gardens, if approved, is not likely to complete until 2021 and adequate off- street parking will be provided here for residents as to not inconvenience motorists on surrounding roads. Furthermore, the new roads within the development will remain private and it is therefore beneficial for the developer to ensure that parking here is provided and maintained adequately.

Police Report

Inspector Stuart Quirk addressed the meeting. (Greenbank & St Michael’s Wards)
He stated that –

The latest breakdown within the neighbourhood of cases

brought to justice ie. charged, cautioned or summonsed –
Drugs possession 49
Burglary 2
Auto crime 7
Violence 21
Theft 26
Offensive weapon 5
Robbery 1
Damage 9
Other 5
This is a 44% increase in detections against the previous 6 week period.
Neighbourhood initiatives –

Operation Open Spaces continues with high visibility patrolling focused in and around Sefton Park, Greenbank Park and the Festival site. Joint patrolling has been undertaken with Citysafe officers. 22 off road vehicles have been seized after being driven in an anti-social manner. Operation Dog safe has also concentrated in these locations. Positive feedback has been received from members of the public and the operation continues until March 2007.

Operation student survey has been an overwhelming success with 81 less burglaries in the Greenbank ward compared with the same period last year. Based on Home Office figures re the average cost of a burglary as £3,268 this is a saving of over £264,000 to the public and private sector.

The neighbourhood has received an additional 4 Police Community Support Officers, this now provides 2 per ward. They have already started integrating within the community, visiting key locations such as schools, faith centres and community action groups.

Operation Big Wing continues targeting unlicensed, untaxed and uninsured vehicles. In the 6 week period 91 vehicles have been seized and roadsafe spotlight days have targeted speeding, unroadworthy vehicles, mobile phone and seatbelt use, resulting in over 150 prosecutions.

An increase in ASB has been noted in the St Michaels area to such an extent that a Section 30 order will be applied for hopefully with the support of local Councillors.

Concentrated patrolling continues to be provided to the festival site. 8 off road vehicles have been seized in the last 6 weeks.

Discussions taking place with the council and Langtree McLean the developers, regarding the long term security of the site.

Lark Lane is as lively as ever, problems with the Albert pub have reduced as a result of joint working with local residents, the licensee and the police.

Aigburth Drive has been nominated as a location that would benefit from improved lighting and wait for a decision from the council.

Burglary reduction, particularly around Smithdown Rd, has been phenomenal. The anticipated increase have not materialised, rather 81 less burglaries in the last 3 months have been recorded. This is due to preventive operations conducted by Merseyside Police and other valuable external agencies such as Liverpool University, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, The AA and Liverpool Student Homes. Such operations have included high visibility patrolling of hotspot locations, home security assessments being conducted at known student occupied premises, informing landlords of required improvements in security. The recent Citysafe JAG funding secured in December has also assisted in replacing front and rear doors to vulnerable properties. Further operations have also included covert plain-clothes officers patrolling the same hotspot locations. This support has been provided by both Liverpool South Crime Investigations Department (CID) and Liverpool South Neighbourhood Support Team.

2 burglary offenders mentioned in last update have now been sentenced to four and a half and two and a half years respectively for offences in Greenbank.

Warning letters and visits have been made to a resident in Langdale Road, regarding youth ASB. Dedicated officers – St. Michaels – Constable Paul Rylands 777 5356 and Greenbank – Constable Alan Nuttall 777 5356 Agreed that Inspectors Ian Black and Stuart Quirk be thanked for their updates