Question submitted by David Jones Parking in Beech Avenue

Almost permanently parked adjacent to my drive is a vehicle about the size of a furniture van that, to my mind, is wholly inappropriate to be parked in a residential area. The vehicle is, I understand, registered as a ‘private’ vehicle rather than a ‘commercial’ vehicle and, as such is subject to regulations covering private vehicles.
The police at Admiral Street are aware of this situation and have on one occasion issued a ticket for it being parked on the pavement and obstructing pedestrian traffic. I contend that the vehicle is causing problems in that –
1. As I leave my drive my view down the road is obstructed until roughly half my vehicle is protruding from behind the vehicle putting me, or my wife, as risk of being struck by an approaching vehicle. I should point out that although I live near the end of a close there are still vehicles entering the close – delivery vehicles, post office vehicles, refuse collection vehicles and an ambulance that regularly picks up and drops off a neighbour.
2. There are a number of young children in the area who play on the road – it being a close- and children do have a tendency to run or cycle without due regard for traffic – I have already had one near miss when a child ran out from behind the vehicle.
3. The vehicle is of such a size as to be unsightly and a visual detriment to the area.
4. The practice of the owner of the vehicle parking on the footpath is illegal and while I could, and perhaps should, report every occurrence the issuing of the earlier ticket has rendered relations between me and my neighbour somewhat tense and I am somewhat reluctant to exacerbate an already difficult situation.
5. Due to the size of the vehicle there is often no room available for other residents, or their visitors to park. This can result in other vehicles being parked on the pavement. The vehicle is used in connection with it’s owner’s motor cycle racing hobby and it arrived on 7th March, 2007 and since that time has been absent for only 6 days. This situation prevailed throughout 2006 and if a similar pattern is followed then the vehicle will be almost permanently here until about the end of October when the motor cycle racing season is over. I have already enquired via Liverpool Direct and it would appear that there is no by-law in existence governing the size of vehicles parked on the public highway. However, I am aware that Merseyside Police, in the Billinge area of St. Helens have recently targeted inconsiderate parking with some success. Is it possible to create a by-law to restrict the size of vehicles parked in residential areas or otherwise how may have this anti-social vehicle removed from this area?


Unfortunately Parking Services has no powers on this one as they can only enforce where there is a waiting restriction. Merseyside Police retain the powers for obstruction and this is clearly one for them.
The Vehicle Operations Service Agency (VOSA) have been contacted and established that the vehicle is not currently on any goods vehicle operators licence. The VOSA will now write to the operator suggesting he obtains a goods vehicle operators licence asap. However there are exemptions from goods vehicle operators licensing and one he may claim is that the vehicle is being used for personal use. If this is true there are not regulations that we can be enforced.

Police Report

Inspector Stuart Quirk addressed the meeting. He stated that –
Operation Safe Space to be run in summer holidays providing high visibility patrolling in and around Sefton Park and Greenbank Park.

Operation Student Survey Phase II will be running again, providing targeted crime prevention visits to student properties and increased patrolling

Section 30 Dispersal Order commenced in March including Aigburth Road, Lark Lane and Priory Woods – residents quality of life has improved

3 dedicated PCTSO’s to St. Michael’s Ward hold local surgeries on a regular basis in Sefton Park Library and Christ Church on Linnet Lane

Site visit of the Festival Garden site has taken place with the developers resulting in improvements to the perimeter fences

Increased use of Mosquito alarms to combat anti social behaviour in Langham Avenue

Two Anti Social Behaviour Contracts served on residents of Arena Housing to combat anti social behaviour caused by children of the residents

PCTSO’s have secured funding for youth diversion surrounding the issue of off road vehicles, to be
utilised over the summer holidays

Speeding campaigns have been run on Ullet Road by Greenbank CSO’s, resulting in 40 warning letters to drivers of speeding vehicles. Stuart explained to the Committee that the CSO’s only have the power to send out warning letters, but an operation will be put together placing a speed trap at the location, details will be brought back to the next meeting