Alcohol in Priory Wood

The Committee with the support of Merseyside Police confirmed that
they wished to establish a Designation Order on alcohol consumption
for Priory Wood. Agreed that a formal request be made to Nick
Phillips, Assistant Executive Director for Community Safety to consider
the proposal.

Turner Home Playing Field

The question as to the use of Toxteth Annexe car park free of charge
for football matches was referred to the Executive Board held on 8th
September, 2006.
The Executive Board resolved that the matter be referred to the
Interim Executive Director (Children’s Services) for a report.

Police Report

Inspector Ian Black and Inspector Stuart Quirk addressed the meeting.
They stated that –
Burglaries are down this month, there have been two arrests of
main targets who were caught committing crimes.

Car crime is down, they have targets on conditional bail or curfews.
Merseyside Police are now using other methods to catch offenders,
such as a rat trap vehicle

Robberies have gone up for September, the hot spot being Lark
Lane and outside the park

Fourteen arrests were made in one day relating to violence

4 out of 5 persistent priority offenders were locked up in September

Eleven warrants have been issued in the Princes Park Ward

Operation Long Island (robberies) has seen four people locked up
on conspiracy

Anti social behaviour remains in the parks, the main problem being
the use of mini bikes. The possibility of situating A frames at
entrances to parks is being looked into

Merseyside Police are going for anti social behaviour orders on 3
main targets in the area

A complaint was made regarding a police pursuit in Sefton Park,
this has been investigated and Merseyside Police is satisfied that
the pursuit was managed professionally. This pursuit ended with
the arrest of two individuals

The policing of parks is continuing

Cannabis factory was raided in Avondale Road

Priory Wood remains a hot spot with an assault taking place there
this week, this is being monitored

Students in the Greenbank Ward have been given safety talks by
Merseyside Police

Dog attacks remain an issue

Councillor Paul Clein raised that he has received complaints of anti social
behaviour at Grove Mount and the fact the Alma de Santiago is remaining
open past their permitted hours. Inspector Quirk stated that he would ensure
the premises are visited.

Agreed that Inspector Ian Black and Inspector Stuart Quirk be thanked for
their reports.