Question submitted by Jonathan Clatworthy, Westward View Garden Festival Site

Is the Neighbourhood Committee satisfied that there will be no health risks from ground contamination?
Priory Wood is an excellent local amenity, with many mature trees. However, you will be aware that many locals are reluctant to use St Michael’s Station after dark if it involves walking through the wood. Will the Neighbourhood Committee oblige the developer to make safety improvements adequate to make travel by train a safe option after dark?

I note that the Travel Plan envisages increased use of St Michael’s station at peak times. At peak times the train service is already very overcrowded and queues at the ticket office can be very long. Will the Neighbourhood Committee request that the Planning Committee be provided with data on the capacity of the train service and of the ticketing facilities at the station?

As you know the Riverside Drive area is poorly served by buses. Only the No 1 goes along it, and its frequency has recently been reduced from 3 an hour to 2 an hour. Most residents avoid using it
if they can, as it is unreliable; even before the reduction travellers sometimes had to wait over an hour especially at rush hours.

Drivers tell me that this is inevitable in view of the long route. New services along Riverside Drive and terminating at Paradise St or Queens Square should be able to be more reliable, and if they were frequent enough I am sure they would be better used, especially if the new housing is built.

If planning permission for the Festival Garden Site is granted, will the Neighbourhood Committee support the imposition of a condition requiring the developer to contribute to the cost of a bus service with a 15 minute frequency during the day and a 30 minute frequency in the evening?

You will be aware that residents have been complaining for many years about the quantity of traffic on Riverside Drive. If the new housing is built this is bound to increase. Will the Neighbourhood Committee do what it can to ensure that the amount and speed of traffic is measured, and adequate measures are introduced to reduce both quantity and speed? In particular, does the Committee accept that new pedestrian crossings are already much needed, especially at the Britannia, and will be needed all
the more if the new housing is built?

Would the Neighbourhood Committee support the imposition of a condition on the planning permission, if granted, which would require the developer to include the cost of Car Club membership within the purchase price of each dwelling?

Given that the proposal aims for a relatively low level of car parking, is the Neighbourhood Committee satisfied that overspill car parking would not be likely to create problems for existing residents? If not, will the committee request the Planning Committee to impose a condition that would require robust enforcement measures to be funded by the developer?

Finally, if the proposed development or an agreed modification of it does not gain planning permission, what would happen to the former Garden Festival site?


The Committee advised the questioner that their question would be dealt with during the presentation to be given on the Garden Festival Site later on the agenda.

Question submitted by Jean Hill, Sandhurst Street

Garden Festival Site
I am glad to see that the consultants for the developers Langtree McLean are bringing a presentation of their plans for the Garden Festival Site to this Neighbourhood Committee. Some months ago when they first unveiled plans for the site, we were reassured that the plans would include improved public transport to minimise the feared congestion that such a level of development might otherwise produce.
Since that time, bus services along Riverside Drive have actually got considerably worse: the no. 4 evening service has been withdrawn, because Merseytravel were not prepared to offer increased subsidy, and the no. 1 has been reduced from a frequency of three an hour to two. Although the reason given for this by the operators, Arriva, was that they would thus be able to run a more reliable service, this does not seem to have happened and when buses run late they are often taken off altogether, which has on some occasions reduced the service to one bus in an hour and a half.

What strategies do the developers have in place to address this problem?


The Committee advised the questioner that their question would be dealt with during the presentation to be given on the Garden Festival Site later on the agenda.


The Committee received a comprehensive presentation from Dave Robinson, Spawforth Associates the consultants for Langtree McLean on their future proposals for the Garden Festival site.

Issues raised –
the dome had been demolished, this was a site for anti social behaviour

security is on site 24 hours a day

studies have been undertaken to understand the site and formulate proposals

main elements of the garden festival will be brought back

Priory Wood will be maintained

the built development will be integrated into the park

all access to the park will be open – no charges

Waterfront Park would be delivered in the first phase

there has been a detailed traffic and transport plan

proposals are being looked at for public art

the development includes 1372 dwellings and 10,000 sq ft of community use

the scale of the build on Riverside Drive has been reduced from 9 and 10 storey to 7 and 8
linkages through the site have been improved

the amount of ‘active’ frontages have been increased

traffic counts have been carried out and assessed.

sizes of roads and junctions have been looked at

people will be encouraged to use cars less by improving the
public transport. CCTV will be fitted in Priory Wood to
increase safety and security to encourage the use of the train.
Bus stops, lighting and lay-bys will be improved. There will
be cycle parking and the use of car clubs is being explored. It
is beyond the remit of the developer to increase the bus

junctions are to be improved. It is intended to widen junctions to allow more traffic through
four pedestrian crossings will be funded

the gas management system and pipes is to be renewed and
brought up to current standards. An environmental
assessment and a health impact assessment have been
undertaken. The developers are confident in the safety of

a management agency will be given £2 million for the
maintenance of the park. A lease for 150 years has been

if this development does not gain planning permission, the
site will remain as it is

Agreed that Dave be thanked for his informative presentation.


The Committee received a presentation from Andrew Chambers, Community Liaison Officer, Shorefields Parents and Teachers Association, Shorefields Technology College providing an update on
the Starr Fields site.

Andrew informed the Committee that –

the site will have an astro turf football pitch together with a
hard surface recreation ground

he has had two meetings with Ringo Starr, who has agreed to
open the site when completed and offered £10,000 to get the
ball rolling

this is the start of a consultation process to find out what
people want from the site

almost £1 million has been raised

Contractors are currently on site and the project is five weeks
behind schedule

Andrew stated that if anyone wanted any more information, then he
could be contacted at Shorefields School or at

Agreed that Andrew be thanked for his informative presentation.

Police Report

Inspector Ian Black addressed the meeting. (Granby, Picton, Princes Park & Wavertree Wards)
He stated that –
the best results for Liverpool South in2006 were in
December with a reduction in crime

Burglaries – the main targets have been arrested

Car crime – there has been a slight increase, mainly due
to property (mobiles etc) being on display. Inspector
Black urged people to ensure that they do not leave
anything on show in their vehicles
Christmas and New Year was a busy time with
disturbances in public houses and domestics

Lodge Lane – anti social behaviour is a problem. A male
was beaten up, investigation is ongoing. Section 30
Order is due for renewal for another six months. Police
patrols have been increased.

Merseyside Police in court next week for an Anti Social
Behaviour Order on a female

Car operation – 17 vehicles have been seized (no tax,

There has been 120 arrests

Door stepping of people who breach orders is taking place

Dangerous dogs – 1 dog has been destroyed.

Merseyside Police are executing two warrants early

Two dogs have been seized and their owners prosecuted

Agreed that Inspector Ian Black be thanked for his update.


The Planning Officer outlined the following planning applications for comments from the Committee –

Application (06O/3442) to erect a mixed use development at the former Liverpool Garden Festival site, comprising 1374 dwellings (1308 apartments and 66 townhouses) with supportive ancillary retail, food
and drink, offices and primary care uses; create a new public park comprising the restoration and enhancement of the formal gardens with improvements to the wider landscaped area; create new access roads and pedestrian accesses onto Riverside Drive; carry out improvements to existing highway infrastructure on Riverside Drive; create temporary construction access onto Riverside Drive; layout car park and other associated works; and to carry out environmental improvements to
Priory Wood.

Agreed that the Planning Committee be informed that this Committee –
has concerns over the number of dwellings proposed in the

would ask that there is an analysis of the Green Travel Plan

restrictions be placed on the hours that building works etc can take
place so as to alleviate the disturbance that could be caused to
local residents