Earlier this year, just before the local elections, the City Council
decided not to proceed with a highly controversial suggestion that
they hand over public land along Otterspool Promenade, to a private
property developer. At the time, the leader of the City Council said
that the property developers should be capable of altering their
plans, so that public land does not need to be given away.

The property developers have no intention of modifying their plans,
they want this piece of land. These developers want the land, so that
they can erect seven, eight-storey high apartment blocks along the
promenade. As well as resulting in the felling of thousands of trees,
this will also destroy the character of the most attractive part of
the promenade.

This stretch of promenade is enjoyed by many hundreds of people every
week and is also the home to a huge amount of wildlife, under pressure
in so many other places.

It is therefore highly surprising, and extremely alarming that the
City Council are once again considering giving away public open space
so that a private property developer can attempt to make a vast
profit, by destroying a valuable local amenity.

If you object to this possible land give away, then write to Colin
Green, Municipal Buildings, Dale Street, Liverpool L2 2DH.

Alternatively e-mail: colin.green@liverpool.gov.uk