Sir I am a local resident and want to make a comment on the level of consultation regarding proposals for this site. I am amazed that any individual in this city is unaware of the proposed development
There has been unprecedented and extensive exposure to the proposed development. Both in the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post and Echo. There has also been a vast number of occasions when there has been reports on local TV and radio with numerous phone in opportunities.

There has been far ranging and exhaustive discussions at neighbourhood meeting. Every councillor has been contacted regarding the proposals and everyone has an opinion on it.
There has been correspondence with local residence over a long period of time as well as meeting with the developers

There are numerous websites reporting the progress of the development proposals such as the Indymedia site at reported by Ritchie Hunter as well as protestors having web sites such as

There is a fly through of the development and the full proposals available at

We know the council undertook extensive research in the area sending out 9000 documents covering over 24 pages..

As a member of the local residents association I can say with impunity that we have consulted widely with our members and our AGM is well attended.

The current developers have held over 100 information sessions and we were able to access the full planning documents which have been available to all via the planning department

We just wish to point out that any individual who wished to avail them selves of information regarding this development has had ample opportunity and scope.

We therefore have no difficulty in understanding the proposal and we fully support this planning proposal.