The Festival Gardens team have posted a short survey on their website. You can fill it in here.

This is what it asks…

Tell us what you think about Festival Gardens.
Love Festival Gardens? Please complete this short survey and tell us what you think.
There are nine questions and it should take about 5 minutes to complete. Your answers will help the Festival Gardens team to make the Gardens better for everyone.

Your answers are completely anonymous unless you want to share your contact details. Thank you!
The Festival Gardens Team

1. How strong is the sense of community in this neighbourhood?

Extremely strong
Very strong
Moderately strong
Slightly strong
Not at all strong
Other (please specify)

2. Would you like to feel more involved with your local community?

Can you tell us a bit more?

3. Would you welcome an opportunity to get more involved with Festival Gardens to help make positive changes in your local area? For example, by volunteering your time or skills, holding events, learning new skills…

Yes, I am already involved with Festival Gardens
Yes, I would be interested in finding out more
Maybe at some point in the future
Definitely not

Please explain why – don’t be shy!

4. Are there things that put you off getting involved with improving, developing and managing Festival Gardens?

I don’t know how
I’m not sure what it would involve
I’m not sure I have the right skills or experience
I want to lead rather than be given tasks to do
I just want to help out a couple of times each year
I can’t commit a lot of time
I can’t commit regular hours
It’s not really my idea of fun
Anything else – please say, don’t be shy

5. How often do you visit Festival Gardens, and why do you visit?

6. What would you like to see at Festival Gardens?

More educational opportunities
More health & wellbeing opportunities
A better ranger presence
Better access
More community events
More opportunities for people to interact
Improved biodiversity

Anything else – please say

7. One way of getting more people involved with Festival Gardens is through a social enterprise.
A social enterprise is an organisation that works to improve human and environmental well-being, rather than creating profits for external shareholders.

Do you like the idea of a social enterprise being responsible for the day-to-day management of Festival Gardens?

8. Would you be interested in finding out more about how to help set up a social enterprise –
either in relation to Festival Gardens or for another purpose?

Yes – for Festival Gardens
Yes – for another purpose
Please explain

9. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. You can add any more comments here.
Please provide your contact details if you would like us to keep in touch.

(That was just a copy of the questions. Fill in the real survey here).