This meeting was to decide whether the council should proceed with its plan to dispose of some public open spaces, adjacent to the Garden Festival site. This disposal was first proposed in April 2007. Many people objected. Mostly because of the disposal of the so called “finger blocks”. Land that projects out near the promenade walkway.

( This additional land disposal will not go ahead anyway if the Public Inquiry decides against Langtree MCLean. )

When the disposal was first proposed there was an error in the maps used, meaning that more land is needed than was shown then. The correct version of the maps will not be re advertised because the land is not publicly accessible.

Maps can be seen here…
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3

Full details can be found on the council website

It was decided that…

i) the objections to the proposed disposal of open space adjacent to the Festival Gardens and River Mersey Promenade, St Michaels (as hatched on the plan marked Garden Festival Site – Additional Land and Access Land) be not sustained;

(ii) the granting of a lease of the said land to Langtree McLean Ltd. (LML) for a term to be co-terminous with and on the same terms and conditions as the lease of that part of the Garden Festival site that is to be developed be approved subject to –
– LML obtaining planning permission for their proposals for the redevelopment of the Festival Gardens site; and
– The use of the land being restricted by covenant to the construction of the proposed development including the installation of supporting structures and thereafter as open space; and

(iii) the decision be referred to the Regeneration Select Committee.