THE restoration of Liverpool’s Garden Festival site can finally start following the release of £2.1m of funding for new public attractions

according to a Daily Post article.

The funding windfall will see work done to improve the Chinese and Japanese gardens and pagodas, as well as to lakes, watercourses and woodland sculpture trails.

A further £1.6m is currently being sought from the region’s European development fund, bringing the total package for the restoration of what has been described as “a blot on the Liverpool landscape” to £3.7m.

City council leaders have welcomed the news that the Otterspool attraction can begin to take on a new lease of life.

“The grant we are finalising with the NWDA will allow us to not only bring forward the timescale for the restoration of the formal gardens but also accelerate delivery of the residential development.

“The agency’s investment will also cover the management and maintenance of the park for five years, within which time it is anticipated that we will be able to commence development on the balance of the site and secure its long-term future.”

Chief executive of the NWDA, Steve Broomhead, said: “The agency is working closely with our partners to take forward the redevelopment of this site, which has the potential to create a major visitor attraction of international significance and enhance the wider Mersey Waterfront programme to maximise the potential of Merseyside’s waterfront areas.

“We are currently in the final stages of negotiations regarding our investment into the project to enable Langtree to take forward the regeneration.”