From John Coyne, Councillor for St Michaels ward

We are told that the city council has a number of fruit trees (I don’t know how many or what type) that it wishes to plant. The council is looking for good places to populate with trees, with the following criteria.

The idea is to use such sites to plant/grow trees that in some cases can produce fruit. The premise is that these are less reliant on full community participation to maintain and own as with Community Growing schemes; and need little maintenance throughout the year. Ownership of sites should not be an issue initially in the identification process. Enclosed sites would be preferential but NOT essential; and an overriding criteria should be that they are sites that will in the long run, save us money in maintenance cost and resource. Suggestions should also be in mind for a local Community Organisation who can be attached to the sites, who would be able to put bids in for funding for such projects if needed.

I am thinking of suggesting the following locations as provisional sites and I would be grateful if you had any views.

  • Strip of land between the railway line and Moel Famau View.
  • Part of the land between Bempton Road and Riverside Drive, possibly with additional fencing provided from the ward budget.

Best regards,
John Coyne
Councillor for St Michaels ward

Contact John if you have any comments and feel free to add any comments here as well.