Welcome to Riverside Drive

The most common reasons people get in touch are…

  1. Active Adventures at Otterspool
  2. Festival Gardens

Just to remind you that this website is just my personal pet project where I report what is going on in the area. I have no connection with Langtree or Active Adventures.

The Festival Gardens have their own website. And it has full contact details, opening times etc.

There is a contact page on the Langtree Festival Gardens website which might also be useful

For Active Adventures their Facebook page is very “active” and their website is also good.

For other things the local residents association is usually the best place to go. Reg Cox is their secretary and can usually help with most things.

Hope I haven’t given the impression I don’t want to hear from you 🙂

If you still want to contact me, just leave a comment on any of the pages or posts and I will see it as all comments have to be moderated by me before they are made public. Just say if you don’t want what you write to be actually posted as a comment on the website.